hello! my name is teloka berry, welcome to my store!

I'm an aussie girl living and creating in regional queensland with my girlfriend and our birds! I love to work with cheerful colours and cute critters, especially birds and dinosaurs, as well as creating pieces celebrating queer and ND pride. i also very occasionally dabble in fan-merch, usually of the birding kind

i have a small patreon mailclub, where my newest products are released first! if you like my merch, you can sign up for just $15 to receive a brand new sticker sheet and two die-cuts every month, including shipping!

support in my store means a lot to my family and I! this is a very small business, and I'm a disabled freelance creator caring full time for my terminally ill mother, so every purchase in the store goes a long way towards helping improve our daily lives!

if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. there's a contact form, but you can also ping me on twitter! I'd also love to hear from you there if you love your products; feel free to share some photos and send me an @ with your thoughts!

thanks so much for stopping by!